Books! My feelings on: The diary of a young girl-Anne Frank

Diary entry from 3rd october, 2014.


Okay, so today I finished reading “the diary of a young girl”-Anne Frank. This is one of the books that has made me sit up and think. What an amazing book! I can see myself in Anne and I feel that every teenage girl can see herself in lively and quirky Anne. I find it hard to believe that a person who is as old as i am right now can write so beautifully! But, to be honest, what I’m more impressed about is not her literary talents but the depth and maturity of her personality. In the face of the biggest horrors and dangers that any child can be put through, she became stronger rather than mellower. I am sure I would have succumbed within a few weeks(or maybe less!!)

Anne’s feelings are so similar to mine! It is as though somebody has been inside my mind. while it makes me feel strange to read my own feelings in black and white, it gives me the strength and confidence that what I’m going through isn’t strange. Sometimes, I would be ready to give a lot (a lot, trust me) to look inside the minds of other people and see as they do. I over analyse people. I think too much about what others maybe thinking, read meaning into their actions….Is what i’m thinking correct or am I a lunatic?? Also, I think too much about what could have been. This is my biggest shortcoming. I live too much in the past, or in the future. Probabilities. There are millions of them. I’m always thinking about how different some unpleasant situation could have been. I think too much about how a particular scene will play out in the future. 

Well, I have deviated from the topic of discussion. Coming back to Anne: ” wisdom is the voice of experience” and saying that she had all the experience in the world would be an understatement. I identify myself with her because: she read a lot, she was curious, she understood people far better than other people of her age, and more importantly, she cared to think about what others thought.

You know what? I think I know why I love this book so much. It is the closest I can ever get to looking into the mind of another girl of my age. This might help me deal with m y mood swings, outbursts and whatnot. Okay then. I gotta go now. 




One thought on “Books! My feelings on: The diary of a young girl-Anne Frank

  1. Anne Frank certainly wrote a prodigious journal of her experiences in a very difficult time, but remember that this was a time before television and video games where old-fashioned concepts like reading, writing, and thinking were still commonly exercised.

    But even so, like many books, the author’s work (the words of Anne Frank) have been artistically massaged by translators and editors and especially by her father who made certain that the publication of his daughter’s memoir was well-received and quite lucrative.

    It’s always better to read any work in the original language (in this case, Dutch … Het Achterhuis) but even here since the author was dead, the work was open to later modification and correction, some for good and some for increased marketability.

    I have always thought that Anne’s overly mature attitudes and observations were at least partially the result of later translations and revisions. Note that there is a “restore/revised/corrected/etc” edition that might be better than so many of the other earlier editions that just seemed too precious to be real.

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