What are we doing?

In quest of worldly and inconsequential things such as money and fame, we have strayed away from the path destined for mankind. Human beings are the only creatures capable of communication, growth and accumulation of knowledge acquired over the years. Doesn’t this make it our duty to protect and nourish the Earth and all her children? But, we have cast away our blessings. We waste precious time in meaningless pursuits. After all, “fame is a fickle friend”. Money is an imposter. These things desert us when we need them the most.

The world possesses uncountable secrets, and theses secrets cannot be learnt by leading the mundane lives that we have become accustomed to. We are born, then we go to school and then to college, we get a job, get married, have kids, slog at monotonous jobs, retire and die. Seriously, WHAT are we doing? What is the purpose of our lives? Habits inculcated and firmly embedded in the human race over millions of years cannot be undone over a few days, but we need to begin. And we need to begin NOW.

In school, we learn to add, we learn about the working of our bodies, we learn about our history, and we learn to communicate. We need these things because ignorance is not always bliss. But then, we grow up. We grow older and try to learn equations and formulae that can have no impact whatsoever on our lives or the lives of those around us. We deny ourselves the little joys life brings us, we neglect family in the blind rush for career opportunities and money. What we don’t realise is that we have no control over any of these things. Companies can go bankrupt, governments can fall. Money has no real value.

Money is said to be a sign of mankind’s insanity. We have the audacity to believe that we are capable of giving something value, life and the power to control lives. That power rests only with the supernatural. We need to accept the fact that some things are beyond our control. We believe that we have the power to cut down forests and deprive other living beings of their home. We pollute the land, sea and air. We build tall buildings that block out our view of the sky. We no longer look up at the stars and dream. Wherever we go, we leave behind us a path of destruction. Why can’t we just go back in time and go back to the days when money was of no importance and people lived in harmony with other creatures? There was no cut-throat competition, but only an honest urge to learn and grow. Religion and social status were of no importance. Life was so simple!

Our twisted ideas about what will actually give us happiness have mutiliated the world. Can we please STOP being a narrow-minded, self-obsessed race incapable of kindness and love??


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