Two little girls are walking down the leaf scattered road. Autumn has its own burnished golden beauty. The setting sun is casting a glow around them. But their laughter outshines it. The joy in their innocent eyes is a beautiful sight-it is one of the few things that manages to make me smile in spite of all that I’m witness to. For a moment, I’m lost in the happy moment. But I need to warn them, I need to protect them-the thought that I’m powerless tears me apart. THEY are coming. Suddenly, icy bullets pierce the peaceful air and ravages their bodies. Their blood splatters on me as I cringe. A sudden silence. In the distance, a toddler wails. All hell breaks loose. It all happens in a blur. Screams and shots fill the air. I’m already so weak, can I hold on much longer? But I brace myself. The act takes only a minute.  What comes next is worse. Fires burn their partially sinless bodies. Their cries plunge into my gut like knives. In a distant corner, I see a baby boy crawl out of a fire. One of THEM sees him. THEY look into his harmless, scared little eyes and shoot right into his wee brain. The pain of it blinds me. Their sorrow is my own. I see beings of my creation destroy my other children. Sobs wrack my broken body. I WANT TO DESTROY THEM ALL. I will my tears to wipe out the pain. But they have ruined me beyond repair. I crawl into my deepest recesses and die a little more with every wail of despair. Even I, Mother Earth, can’t save them anymore.


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